OCAS’ s TEM Thermofisher Scientific Talos F200X G2 is equipped with a FEG (Field Emission Gun) and super-X EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray) system. FEG enables atomic resolution (S)TEM imaging. Super-X EDS system offers four EDS detectors with collimator, which is ideal for analytical characterisation. Our recently developed APW (Automated Particle Workflow) can exponentially increase precipitate analysis efficiency.

FIB/SEM dual beam

To replace its curent FIB, OCAS recently purchased a state-of-the-art FIB/SEM system (SCIOS 2 from Thermofisher Scientific), which will be operational 2021Q4. Dual beam FIB/SEM systems incorporate focused ion beam (FIB) and scanning electron microscope (SEM).


Atom probe tomography is a unique materials’ characterisation technique, enabling both 3D-imaging and chemical compositional analysis at the atomic scale. OCAS has access to a Cameca LEAP 5000 XR APT through the Hercules foundation for large scale research infrastructure with a consortium of three Universities (Leuven, Hasselt and Ghent) since 2015. According to the manufacturer, the LEAP 5000 XR is the most capable atom probe across the widest variety of research and development applications.

FEG-EPMA with SXES detector

The electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) is widely used in industry and academia to relate microstructural features to their chemical composition. Our JEOL 8530F FEG-EPMA belongs to the latest generation of electron microprobes. It is routinely used to image and quantify chemical composition of solid specimen at the microscale. The Field Emission Gun (FEG) delivers a bright and stable electron beam over a wide range of analytical conditions (accelerating voltage and probe current) that are especially suitable to perform imaging and quantitative analysis at high (sub-micron) spatial resolution. Elements from B to U can be detected even at very low quantity (<0.1 wt%).

FEG-SEM, including EBSD

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) provides morphological and elemental information of the surface of a sample. Our SEM (JEOL JSM-7001F SHL) is equipped with a Field Emission Gun (FEG) which greatly enhances available electron image resolution (down to a few nm), necessary to observe fine grained microstructures, surface defects, thin coatings, etc.

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